PARIS (Reuters) – Red-handed robber Redoine Faïd, who was arrested Wednesday in his home town of Creil (Oise), three months after his helicopter escape from the prison of Réau (Seine-et-Marne), was indicted, particularly for “Organized gang escape,” said Wednesday evening judicial source.

Redoine Faid, his brother Rachid, as well as his nephews Liazid F. and Ishaac H. were indicted for counts of organized gang evasion, hijacking, kidnapping and forcible confinement, violation of the law on weapons of categories A and B in meetings, receiving, transporting weapons or explosive device and criminal conspiracy for the commission of other crimes, it was said the same source.

Redoine and Rachid Faïd, who were also indicted on the charge of refusal to comply, were remanded in custody in accordance with the prosecutor’s requisition, it was added.

The judge of liberty and detention (JLD) has not yet decided the situation of the other two indicted.

Mediatized robber, Redoine Faid was arrested on Wednesday at 4:20 am (02:20 GMT) in an apartment at the same time as his brother Rachid, a nephew and the occupant of this housing, a young woman, whose monitoring has allowed to go up until ‘to them, explained to the press the prosecutor of Paris, François Molins.

This woman had been geolocated thanks to the surveillance of a telephone line used by the criminals. The investigators saw her taking a person dressed in a burqa “on the night of Saturday to Sunday in her car, whose appearance suggested that it could be a man”.

On Tuesday evening, the investigators again saw two people dressed in a burqa, presumably Redoine Faïd and his brother, entering the home of the young woman.

The two burqas, wigs, a revolver loaded at hand by Redoine Faïd and a Uzi type automatic pistol were found in the apartment, said the prosecutor.

A second nephew of the robber was arrested at his home in Villiers-Saint-Paul (Oise).

The young woman and two individuals arrested at their respective homes at 6:00 am, also in the Oise, were placed in custody.


According to François Molins, about fifty police officers participated in the arrest of Redoine Faïd but the operation as a whole was able to mobilize up to 120 agents.

In 2010, out of prison, Redoine Faïd, now 46 years old, said he was repentant and ran television sets to promote a book in which he told of his life as a robber, “from cities to organized crime. “.

But he was arrested again in June 2011 and sentenced in 2017 to 18 years in prison for attacking an armored van and 10 years for escaping from Lille-Séquedin prison (North) in 2013, with explosives and taking hostages.

It was then resumed a month and a half later.

Redoine Faïd is considered the organizer of the aborted robbery of a cash van, which resulted in the death of policewoman Aurélie Fouquet, mother of 26 years, May 20, 2010 in Villiers-sur-Marne (Val -de-Marne).

Despite his close relationship with members of the commando, including his brother Fisal, Redoine Faïd denies having been involved in this project of attack and the death of the police officer, for which he was sentenced on appeal to 25 years of prison in April.

Her escape from the prison of Réau had created a crisis in the prison administration and a beginning of political controversy with questioning and calls for the resignation of the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet.

Emmanuel Jarry with Simon Carraud, edited by Jean Terzian


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